1939 LaSalle

The 1939 LaSalle, a Cadillac companion.

The LaSalle was designed by the renowned Harley Earl at General Motors. It was envisioned as Cadillac’s companion to fill the “price Gap” between Cadillac and the much lower cost Oldsmobile. It was totally manufactured by Cadillac in a Cadillac plant. Although it was not the General Motors top of the line marque it came very close. The LaSalle is a bit smaller with a smaller engine but all the Cadillac quality and trimmings.

The high quality and lower production numbers of the LaSalle have made it a great collector car.

This particular car was extremely well cared maintained. When it joined my collection on November 11, 2014 it only needed new brakes and a fresh detailing. This car is powered by the Cadillac 322 Cubic Inch flathead V8. It has a three speed manual transmission, shifted on the column.

 It is a "business coupe" with fold up back seats for a very small passengers. Today it would be a "2+2"

Since this car has relocated to Big Sky Country it has had the breaks repaired. It also had a small problem adjusting to the fresh clean Montana climate and it started to shed some of its paint.