1949 Cadillac 

I joine4d Fritz's collection on a warm July day, July 25, 2010 to be exact. Winter is upon us and I'm not used to spending it outside waiting for my turn. Soon I should get the Fritz treatment of a good detailing and a through inspection. I can use some oil on my creaking door hinges and a little air in my tires.

I have had a recent valve job on my 331 cubic inch V8. 1951 the first year of this new 331 Overhead Valve engine.  I purr quite nicely when given the chance. I feel like I am young again and producing the same 190 Horsepower as when I left the factory. Paired with my 4 speed Hydromatic Transmission I can really get out and boogy.

It’s tough being the oldest boy in the family. The “Old Girl” (1931) and all the younger kids get all the attention. I’m hoping I’ll get some of Fritz’s time in the spring and a new coat of wax and a good scrubbing with rust annihilator on the bumpers would feel so... good.

I guess I should count my blessings, I’m still quite healthy and I have been rescued from the high taxes and all the new fangled rules in the land of nuts. I did like the climate out there and it was really fun when Arnold was our governor. The good old days may be a distant memory but at least I am part of Fritz’s collection now. I’m even an odd year so I get to stay while all my even year siblings are finding new homes. I like it here and I hope I can stay for a long, long time.