1951 Cadillac deVille

My Story............   

A completely original 1951 Cadillac deVille. 

This car joined my collection May 8, 2009. When it arrived it still had aftermarket seat covers protecting the original Cadillac custom upholstery. Prior to joining my collection this car was the pride and joy of Dan Baker.  Its 331 Cubic Inch 190 HP OHV V8 is mated to a 4 speed Hydromatic Transmission for the smoothest ride available.

Despite being almost 70 years old this rust free statesman only has 62,591 original miles on the odometer. It is not likely to see the miles grow too much as it is now kept in my showroom and only gets out for an occasional summer car show or parade. It has been decades since the car has seen rain or snow.

The paint is the original color but it was professionally repainted a few years before finding a new home in my collection.

Take note of some of features highlighted in these pictures.

  • Flying Lady Hood Ornament
  • Fender skirts & wide whitewall tires
  • Dash lights either side of the radio
  • Grab cords and ash tray in the back seat
  • “Real” driving lights in the grill. (a Cadillac exclusive for 1951)
  • Crank windows were the only option in 1951
  • Operating vent windows. Front cranked out, rear twisted out.
  • Headlight dimmer switch on the floor (are you old enough to remember?)
  • “Bullets” in the front Bumper. (A whole new meaning to 5 mph bumpers)