1959 Cadillac 2 door Coupe

My Story............   

We have a long history with this beautiful 1959 2 door hard top Cadillac. We (Fritz’s Auto Repair) had maintained this car for several years. We even installed a factory air conditioning in 1993. This car joined my collection November 13, 2015 just a few short months after our good friend and long term customer went to that great Cadillac ranch in the sky.

This car is special not only because of its history but it is also a prime specimen of the Cadillac 62 series. It has Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Brakes, Remote Trunk Opener AND Closer and a new correct Black and white interior. The 390 cubic inch V-8 produces 325 HP and 435 Ft Lbs of torque. This restored gem has only 77,188 miles.

It is one of the shining stars in my collection.