It was a tough decision but I am going to sell my red 1976 Eldorado.  This car has only 83,370 miles and I will let her go for a bargain price of $10,000. She cleans up good, rides great and runs strong.

1970 Cadillac Eldorado  Convertible

My Story............   

This 1976 "Dusty Rose" Cadillac Eldorado came from Ozzie Osgood's Collection on Mat 10, 2003. 

Ozzie was obsessed with this car, he rebuilt every thing on it at least once. That includes the A/C, Engine & Transmission and all the mechanicals. Ozzie is a stickler for details and having everything just right. He also had a low mileage convertible that he did not drive, but this was his driver so he wanted everything to work perfectly.

When Ozzie had everything just the way he wanted he finally agreed to trade this gem in for a 1976 Green Cadillac deVille. We were delighted to get the Eldorado and Ozzie was back in business replacing "muffler bearings"  on a darn good four door Sedan deVille.  Everybody should have a great daily driver with class and style. Some like that and the chance to "tinker" with their classic as well.