My Story............   

 The XLR was Cadillac's last roadster. (so far)  It is a luxury two seater sports car. Of course it had to be a convertible toped off with a retractable hardtop. This particular one is makes 320 HP @ 6,400 RPM with 310 ft-lb of torque @ 4,400 RPM. It will get you down the road faster than anyone should be driving in true Cadillac style.

In addition to all the typical Cadillac luxury options the XLR had a finely tuned sports suspension and a plethora of subtle handling options. this XLR is equipped with Cadillac engineered 8x8 wheels and P235/50WR18 tires. It may be marginally slower than a Corvette, but is a Cadillac.

2007 Cadillac XLR